New Ways to Earn on CashCrate

CashCrate just added two new ways to earn money that should have people jumping for joy.  Completing just 3-5 surveys a day alone could net you over $100 in any given month; but to make things better and sweeten the pot as they say, they’ve got some exciting things rolling out.  Is CashCrate legit? Yes, they are making some awesome improvements and are more legit than ever.  Now CashCrate is offering what they call bonus surveys as well as “Cash Tasks.”  Cash tasks are really quite simple if you know how to use a search engine.  Companies, people or third parties want to know about the search results when you search a given query, and this is main job that is currently on there.  The task involves searching a term in Google, analyzing the results, and then selecting the best choice out of the top results; pretty easy huh?

CashCrate Users Earning More than Ever

Being able to earn through watching videos, taking surveys, completing offers and trials, searching the web, doing online shopping, referrals, and these new methods is now making it easier than ever for people to snag some big monthly paydays.  The proof is on the payment wall where I am consistently seeing check screenshots for $200, $300 and even $500 for those who are dedicated to using the website.  With anything, you’re going to get what you put in, so if you slack off and only do a survey here or there, it’s going to reflect in your earnings for that month, unless you have a bunch of referrals helping out your earnings.

If you take a look at the bonus surveys on the new tab on the homepage, you will see that they are much like the regular surveys and will ask for qualifying information, with payouts listed for each one.  Some are very general information while others are much targeted, but that’s to be expected.  Market research firms are looking for ideal candidates, so you’ll qualify for one I’m sure of it as it took me a couple to go through before I got into the first one on this new tab.

If you’ve used CashCrate then you’ll feel right at home with the new bonus surveys.  If you haven’t yet, then sign up and get used to them because doing daily surveys and now these bonus surveys are some of the best ways to earn yourself over $100 a month, even though the payout threshold is set at $20.  If you want more helpful information, visit this informational site.  Well I’m off, good luck to everyone and I’m going back to CashCrate to do what I do best, and that’s try to make extra money rather than a second job.


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